Snacks & Birthday Treats


What do families provide for snacks and birthday treats?

Our preschool does not specify the snacks that parents should provide when it’s their turn to bring snacks for the week. Rather, parents are left with the flexibility of using their own judgment in selecting appropriate snack items for preschool. We do ask that you provide fresh produce for at least one day of the week (suggestions and quantities below). Please keep in mind that snacks containing minimal sugar and artificial ingredients are always welcome.

It is our goal to have fresh fruit and/or veggies at least one day a week at snack time. The kids really enjoy all the variety! While we do have a kitchen and knives to use if we need them, having the fruits and veggies washed and cut up beforehand would be wonderful. If that's not possible, we are happy to help. Here are some ideas and quantities that will serve both classes for one day:

Some suggestions for the weekly snacks:

Snacks are served with a small cup of water.

Please note that all snacks must be store-bought, as state law does not allow home-made snacks to be consumed at preschool unless they were made at school. You may opt to bring ingredients to preschool and assemble/bake a treat in the preschool kitchen. 

Dietary restrictions among our students for the 2023-2024 school year include:

Please keep these restrictions in mind when choosing snacks; however, be assured that we have snacks on hand for children with restrictions, so that snack providers are not obliged to meet all these needs.

Birthday Treats

Also, children are welcome to bring in special treats for their fellow preschoolers on the day of their preschool birthday celebration. If you choose to send a special snack, we ask that you send enough for just your child’s classroom, to help us limit the number of treats served.

Examples of birthday treats include: