Parents put the "Co" in "Co-Op"

As part of the SAPCP community, we hope you feel welcome and valued. You and your families are the core of our school and our community. Here you will find some information about the role of parents in the school, from visiting to organizing events. For more information, take a look at the pages for volunteering and fundraising. All parents are invited to explore board membership as well. It is a great way to help shepherd our community for years to come.

Click here for complete Parent Handbook.

Suggestions for Visitors and Volunteers

Visitors other than enrolled parents are asked to check with a teacher before visiting the school. All adults should do their best to adhere to the guidelines while at our school, whether it is for a short visit or for a full day of volunteering.

Adults should:

  • Respect the children

  • Be friendly but not effusive

  • Maintain a low profile—sit, kneel or squat at child height when you observe and when you talk with children

  • Be attentive to children and their needs

  • Use positive guidance when needed

  • Help children as needed, but encourage self-help as much as possible

  • Do things with the child, not for the child

  • Help children talk out their differences and come up with a solution that works for everyone

  • Relax and enjoy your time in the classroom!

Adults should not:

  • Talk about children or their families in front of them

  • Become engrossed in conversation with other adults

  • Carry children; let them sit in your lap if they need comfort

  • Over-praise art work or other accomplishments; let the accomplishment be the primary reward

Children should:

  • Be allowed as much freedom as possible during free play, within the limits of safety and respect for others

  • Be encouraged to “do something else” if their behavior is becoming disruptive

  • Be encouraged to state his/her own needs in words, and negotiate with other children if differences arise

  • Be removed from the setting if he/she will not negotiate differences, or continues behavior that is hurtful to people or property