Health Policies

The following are some guidelines and reminders regarding health and safety at SAPCP. As a close community, we want to do our best to stay safe and keep one another healthy.

We are following all MDH guidelines regarding COVID-19. Please see our school's COVID-19 plan for more details.

Please keep children at home at least 24 hours after vomiting or elevated temperatures, and for at least the first two days of a cold. Please let the school know within 24 hours if your child has come down with a communicable disease such as chicken pox, lice, scabies, impetigo, ringworm, measles etc. and we will let you know the same day we learn of it if your child has been exposed to any communicable disease. Many communicable diseases must be reported within 24 hours to the Department of Public Health.

Staff members are not allowed to give medication to the children. If children are on medications, parents are asked to notify the teachers, as a child's behavior can be affected by medication.

Out of consideration for the health, comfort, and safety of all the children, please keep your child home if she/he exhibits any of the following:

  • red blotches

  • vomiting

  • headache

  • runny nose

  • sore throat

  • sneezing and coughing

  • earache

  • rectal itching

  • rashes

  • swollen glands

  • red or itchy eyes

  • elevated temperature (100 or higher)

Minor illness at school

If a child comes down with a minor illness at school (vomiting, headache) we will isolate the child with adult supervision near by. We will call the parents and ask them to pick up the child. If parents cannot be reached we will call the emergency numbers you have listed. Please consider this in your choice of emergency numbers, and keep the list up to date.

If the child is coughing badly or has a very runny nose and seems to be spreading a cold to everyone else, the parents will be called and asked to take the child home.

A child will be sent home if he/she seems to have elevated temperature, severe nasal or chest congestion, diarrhea stools, if eyes are red or draining pus, or if he/she seems to show extreme lethargy or an unexplained rash. In addition, if any child does not feel well enough to participate in program activities with reasonable comfort or requires more care than the staff can provide without compromising the health and safety of other children, the parents will be called to take the child home.

Serious illness or accident

In case of serious illness or accident, the parents will be notified and we will call 911 to get the St. Paul Paramedics. If parents cannot be reached, children may be taken to St. Paul Children's hospital. A teacher will remain with the child at all times until a parent arrives.

In the event of accidental poison ingestion, the staff will contact the Poison Control Center or a physician.

No serious accident or illness has ever occurred in Preschool, but we do have a procedure which we would follow should such a situation arise. Teachers are certified in Child First-aid and CPR.

To prevent possible accidents we check the rooms daily for potential hazards, and review our procedures frequently. We have fire drills once a month, and tornado drills in the fall and spring months.