Apply to SAPCP

How to Apply:

Applications for the following year (Sept. start date) are accepted beginning January 1 for returning families, and February 1 for new families. Applications will continue to be accepted until all spots are filled.

Please download the application below. Then print and mail to: Kerrin Flanagan, 2129 Commonwealth Ave, St Paul, MN 55108

Email for more information.

Guidelines for Acceptance:

St. Anthony Park Co-op Preschool will consider all applicants ages 33 months and older (as of September 1st of the school year in question), regardless of race, religion, or gender. In the event that more applications are received than spaces are available, the following criteria will be used to help choose families:

  • Returning families will be given priority.

  • Applicants under 36 months may be deferred until the next school year.

  • Achieving a balance of approximately half 3-yr-olds and half 4/5-yr-olds will be a consideration, to ease recruiting needs for subsequent years.

  • Each age group should ideally have a minimum of three students of each gender.

  • Families that express special interest in being part of the co-operative nature of the school may be given a degree of preference.

  • Families that live in St. Anthony Park may be given a degree of preference, as the board believes that a core of neighborhood families helps build the co-op connections. The board also states its goal of being inclusive of every family in the school, regardless of where they live.

  • The co-op teachers will make decisions regarding acceptance of applicants, and may consult the board at their discretion. In rare cases, the teachers may deem that the school does not have the resources to meet the special needs of an applicant.

Acceptance Process:

Normally, families are given 2 weeks after receiving notice of acceptance to pay a non- refundable registration fee (currently $150); payment of the deposit is considered a commitment to attend the next fall. If any family withdraws after August 1, they will be liable for one month’s tuition. Notice of withdrawal must be received by the registrar.

In the event that a family is offered acceptance and does not make a deposit (or other arrangements) in the requested time frame, the available space will be offered to another applicant.