An important part of our school is the parent-led Board. Parents and teachers work together to communicate future events and changes to our community, to maintain the organization's fiscal health and to work with the community to continually make improvements to the culture and logistics of our school. Each member of the Board has a specific part to play with certain responsibilities. Not every community member has the time to commit to Board membership, but please consider Board membership if you would like to become a more connected member of the SAPCP community.

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Board Positions

The SAP Co-op Preschool Board consists of a Chairperson(s), Treasurer, Secretary, Parent Coordinator and Fundraising Chairperson(s). These positions are available to active members of the co-op. For more detailed information about each position, click here.


Ensures the operational and financial soundness of the preschool and the parent Board. Duties include:

  • Seeing that the Board functions smoothly.

  • Reaching out to new parents at the beginning of each school year to help them become familiar with other parents. Helping to create a positive community environment.

  • Communicating regularly with the teachers and parents.

  • In conjunction with the entire Board, submitting written evaluations of the teachers annually.

  • Assisting teachers in recruitment of children for the following school year as needed.

  • Coordinating election of new Board by posting position openings in late March. (any parent who will have a child at the preschool the following year is eligible to be on the Board.) Acting as advisor to new Chairperson.

  • Assisting in the budget-making process.

Click here to email the current Board Co-Chairs - Katie Bruhn and Nicole Goaley

Parent Coordinator

Coordinates and encourages parental involvement at preschool to fulfill its “co-op” environment. Duties include:

  • Organizing and posting the volunteer opportunities for different preschool needs (i.e. snacks, classroom cleanup, play dough making, morning parent coffee).

  • Contact Parents in the Fall and throughout the year to ensure all are signed up to volunteer and meet minimum Co-Op requirements.

  • Throughout the year, e-mail volunteers each week to remind them of their volunteer duties.

Click here to email the current Parent Coordinator - Jane Hansen


Document and communicate meeting discussion and decisions determined by the teachers and the parent board. Duties include:

  • Taking minutes of all parent board meetings. The minutes are to be distributed to all board members and teachers for comments/revisions within two weeks of each meeting.

  • E-mailing and/or posting the finalized minutes on the parent bulletin board of the preschool. An on-going file of these minutes (both electronic and hard copies preferably), should be kept by the secretary and be available for reference to parent board, teachers and the incoming new secretary.

  • Storing the preschool’s constitution and by-laws.

  • Storing old administrative and board files for reference by the parent board and/or teachers.

  • Maintaining and updating the preschool website and calendar.

Click here to email the current Secretary - Shaun Curtin


The treasurer inherits and maintains the school’s financial records (hard-copy and electronic) including budget, payroll, tax records and related correspondence. The treasurer is the school’s legal representative to the bank and to the state and federal governments concerning financial matters. Duties include:

  • Collecting and depositing of tuition monthly.

  • Paying salaries, monthly rent, and other bills as they come due and depositing payroll withholdings for federal taxes.

  • Maintaining and monitoring the preschool’s bank accounts.

  • Presenting budget report at every meeting of the Parent Board, and alerting the Board to any concerns.

  • Reporting withholdings quarterly and annually for federal and state income tax.

  • Filing annual state and federal taxes; responding to IRS correspondence.

  • Preparing annual budget for the board, revising it in accordance with the board’s direction and presenting it at the annual meeting of the school’s parents.

  • Providing year-end financial statement in July for the following year’s incoming board.

Click here to email the current Treasurer - Steve Bruhn

Fundraising Chair

Plans and coordinates of all Co-op Preschool fundraising activities. This involves communication and education for Co-op families on how they can assist in making our fundraisers successful.

Click here to email the current Fundraising Co-Chairs - Katie Nelson and Zack Zehrer